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The Gay Witch Magazine: Homoerotica & Witchcraft

HORNS is truly where the Gay Witch cums- the world’s first homoerotic magazine that explores the world of witchcraft, sorcery, and Gay History… HORNS is the Gay Grimoire

Within our pages, you’ll find sexy Incubi, interviews with fellow travelers of Pagan and Occult Paths, erotic ceremonies and incantations, articles spanning topics across various witchcraft traditions, and more naked men of course!

HORNS is for all of the Queers who yearn for erotica and serious gay witchcraft; for the twink who calls on Gods and Goddesses to bring him a nice 9-inch dick to sit on, for the fem queen who dances skyclad beneath the full moon, for the sculpted jock who invokes the Old Ones to get that hot daddy at the gym, and the outcasted Gays who fantasizes about some mystical beast dumping a load down his throat.

This magazine is for Us.

We exist to entertain and support a tribe of Gay men who have yet to be satisfied, those who tread paths among the Arts of Old, the hidden niche of Queer Culture.
We are those dick-sucking, ass-eating, dirty Queer sorcerers! Come on in Male Witches, Gay Pagans, and Queer Occultists from every Path! Kick back with esoteric knowledge, ancient tools of the Craft, and a big bottle of lube…

Welcome to HORNS Magazine

What Is In the Gay Grimoire?

The Incubi

Find your carnal appetites aroused and lusts inflamed by the erotic feast presented in each issue of HORNS. Homoerotic fantasy and Pagan sexuality for Gay Witches of any path.


There is a lost lineage of Gay Witches & Occultists who helped bring us to where we are. HORNS resurrects these forgotten Queers and pays homage.

The Sodomites

Meet and hear from Queer Witches, Gay Pagans, and Occultists who share their works, and stories with us. Each issue we interview fellow travelers that have contributed significantly to our community.


What would the Gay Grimoire be without discussing spellcraft, ritual magic, and the Gods, and Goddesses. No matter your path or whom you worship, find useful information and ideas here.

Get Your HORNS

HORNS is available in both digital and print editions, released on Solstices and Equinoxes with our anniversary issue each Samhain (Halloween). 

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